Sony TFM-7250W Super Sensitive AM/FM Radio

The Sony TFM-7250W is one of a long line of “Super Sensitive” radios Sony offered over the years. The TR-84 and 6R-33 Super Sensitive radios were earlier, AM only models which had great performance and are radios I also have in my collection. There were also several AM/FM/SW portables in the Super Sensitive series such as the TFM-8000 and CRF-5100. The TFM-7250W has had a special place in my heart since I first got one in the mid 1970’s. Not until fairly recently did I decide to try one out once again to see what I would feel about it in the context of 2021. Was it really as good as I remembered?

Read the Sony “Super Sensitive” TFM-7250W Review:


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