Radio Shack 12-625/12-639 AM/FM Portables

The Radio Shack 12-625 was available between 1985 – 1993 and sold for $39.95. Described as “Our Best Full-Size AM/FM” in some ads and “High Performance” in others the 12-625 was a step up from the less costly 12-716 “Budget Priced” ($24.95) model. The 12-625 boasted switchable AFC on FM, a 4” speaker and a variable Tone Control knob. In 1994 the 12-625 was replaced with the seemingly similar 12-639 which was sold through 2000. I bought basket cases of each so we’ll take them apart to fix them, then see how they perform. I love vintage analog radios for their natural tuning feel so we’ll see how they perform.

Read the Radio Shack 12-625/12-639 Review:

Jay Allen


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