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Three Sony AM/FM Portables

                                    Three Sony Portable AM/FM Radios – ICF-506 – ICF-19 – ICF-801

                                             A Look at How Old School Compares with New School



What started out as a review of a single Sony model, the ICF-506 has evolved to a comparison of three Sony portables; the ICF-506 – ICF-19 and ICF-801. The ‘506 and ‘19 are very similar models but with some significant differences while the ‘801 is a completely different animal but with some very different strengths and weaknesses. All are very good performers in this category of paperback book-sized AM/FM portable radios, but again, their differences will be important in your choice of which one might suit you best.

Read The Sony ICF-506 – ICF-19 – ICF-801 Review:

Jay Allen