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   Artista Regulated DC/DC Adapter

Plugs into your automotive power port (cigarette lighter) and provides   switchable output voltages to power your portable electronic devices.

Grundig 1NEW 71+bkEABryL__SL1080_Grundig Radios At Amazon

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Sony Radios At Amazon

Tecsun Radios At Amazon

Tecsun 1 Tecsun 2

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones – An iconic industry standard, you see these all the time in broadcast and recording studios. They provide excellent accuracy, detail and comfort, and their unique folding design is a plus. The come with a convertible 1/8″ Mini/1/4″ Standard Phone Plug so they can plug into almost any audio equipment. I’ve used these for years in my production studio and they are a personal favorite.

Zenith Transistor Radios

Zenith Transistor Radios – A Must Read

Zenith Transistor Radios by Norman Smith – Beautifully Illustrated – A Must have

Zenith Trans-oceanic Book

Trans-Oceanic: The Royalty Of Radios

Zenith Trans-Oceanic: The Royalty Of Radios

Another Must-Have from Schiffer Books…tells you everything you need to know about ZTO’s.

Loc-Tite Plastic Bonding System_Loc-Tite Plastic Bonding System:

Nothing short of a miracle repair system for plastic this stuff has fixed broken plastic parts that I never thought would hold…repairs that super glue failed to hold, even small parts under stress such as plastic hinge points on battery compartment covers, plastic shoulder studs that screws go into…I have been amazed every time I have fixed something I thought could never be saved…and it sets in less than a minute. I would not be without this stuff…highly recommended!


Caig: De-Ox-It

Caig De-Ox-It:

There are many switch and contact cleaners on the market…this is the best I have ever used. The pictured D5 spray is the most common and most often used but it is available in many formulations and applicators for specialized tasks.

KroilKroil 2Kroil – An amazing product that loosens, removes and replaces old lubricant…a must have.

Novus 123 Image

Novus Plastic Polish: Sometimes this stuff is miraculous in how much it can repair and improve the appearance of plastic. Usually I don’t have to resort to #3 but I have used #2 and #1 hundreds of times and I would not be without it in my shop. This kit will last you for years so it is a bargain.


Terk AM Advantage Loop Antenna:

The Terk AM Loop has stood the test of time and is as good as any of the smaller AM passive loops which can add greatly to your AM reception, especially with radios which are less sensitive than the best. Can also help reduce the effects of local RFI (Radio Frequency Interference… noise). Same performance as the Kaito/Grundig loops below…choose based on availability, price and style.

BothKaito/Grundig AN-100 Loop Antenna:

Kaito/Grundig AN-200 Loop Antenna:

Batteries 1_Batteries 2

Batteries – All Types At Great Prices

Batteries - RechargeableBattery Charger 2Rechargeable Batteries & Chargers:


Philmore Power SupplyPhilmore BE227 Multi-Voltage Power Supply

This ultra flexible low noise power supply utilizes a full wave bridge rectifier and will power most portable radios needing up to 500 ma. It comes with six adaptor plugs: 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm, 2.1×5.5 mm, 2.5×5.5 mm, 1.35×3.5mm, 1.7×4.0 mm and a 9 volt snap connector . Output voltage is adjustable:  3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12 Volts DC at 500 mA and polarity is reversible. Input voltage is 120 VAC 60 Hz and it is UL Listed.

Kaito T-1 Reelup Antenna

Kaito T-1 Reelup Antenna

Improves the reception of your AM/Shortwave radio

  • Extends to 23 feet and can be easily rewound into its compact case
  • Has 3.5-millimeter mini plug
  • Includes adapter plug to clip to the whip when needed

Sangean ANT-60 Reelup Antenna

Sangean ANT-60 Reel-up Antenna

Improves the performance and reception of your AM/Shortwave radio

Extends to 23 feet and can be easily rewound into its compact case

  • Has 3.5-millimeter mini plug – Fits any 3.5-millimeter external antenna jack
  • Includes adapter plug to clip to the whip when needed


Tecsun PL880 High Capacity Lithium Rechargeable Battery 18650

Certified by Tecsun for the PL-880

Tecsun UL Listed Power Supply For Tecsun USB Radios

UL Listed AC Power Adapter for all Tecsun Radios (PL880,PL660,Q3,X3,D3,A3,B3,ICR-100 & More.) with USB Charger Port, Mini USB for Tecsun Radio


C. Crane Skywave AC AdapterC. Crane CC Skywave 5V AC Adapter

Original 5V AC Adapter for the CC Skywave With Mini USB Plug. This is a low noise AC Adapter for ANY radio with a USB external power input port.

C. Crane CC-2 & CC-2E Cloth Carry Case

C. Crane CCRadio-2 and CCRadio-2E Fabric Carry Case

Provides A Secure Handle

  • Easy to put on or take off
  • Compatible with the CCRadio-2 and CCRadio-2E Enhanced
  • Does not interfere with the radio’s operation

Made in the USA

C. Crane Soft Pillow SpeakerC. Crane Soft Pillow Speaker

Standard 1/8″ headphone jack

  • Removable, washable soft cover
  • Frequency response 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Speaker type: Neodymium-Ferrous-Boron

510GdrnYAXL._SL500_World Radio TV Handbook is the world’s most accurate and comprehensive directory of global broadcasting…this will be the final edition. It contains full details by country of radio broadcasts and broadcasters on LW, MW, SW and FM, and details of national TV.

Sangean AC Adapter for PR-D19-PR-D14 & Others

Sangean AC Adapter for PR-D19/PR-D14 & Others

Input Voltage: AC-IN 120V UL 60Hz

  • Output Voltage: DC-OUT 6V 1A
  • Polarity: Center Pin (Tip) Positive
  • UL and CUL listed
  • Meets new DOE (Department of Energy) Requirements

USB To Mini USB Connectors – These Are What You Need To Connect a USB-equipped radio to a standard USB jack as on a PC or external charger- this search will bring you many choices.USB To Mini USB

Acrylic Radio StandAcrylic Radio Stand

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