I Can’t Reply To Outlook.com emails

I have been having a problem trying to reply to some emails I have received…the email addresses end with outlook.com

Several readers with outlook.com emails have written to me and when I try to reply I get an error message saying it cant find the address. If you have recently emailed me and not heard back (I almost always reply within a day) please see if this might be the problem. Or if you have an alternate email address you can use that should let me respond to you as well. Hopefully this will eventually be resolved but for now please read this:

Unable to receive email from Gmail accounts in Outlook.com [WORKAROUND]

We are aware that some users may not be able to receive email from Gmail accounts. We are investigating a possible problem.


Check that you have not accidentally blocked the Gmail domain when blocking one Gmail user.

Open your Blocked Senders list.

If Gmail.com is in the list, select the Remove next to the entry and press Save

Jay Allen


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