Sangean HDR-15 HD Clock Radio

The Sangean HDR-15 is the first HD Clock Radio I am aware of. It is an unassuming little box which makes no pretense of being a hobbyist’s radio, yet in some ways it is unique among clock radios – let’s take a look at its long list of features, many of which are unusual for a clock radio:

HD & Analog AM/FM with FM RBDS & Emergency Alert System

12/24 Hour Clock with Auto or Manual Clock Set

3 Alarms Wake to Buzzer or Radio with Humane Waking System

Snooze and Sleep Functions

Nap Timer

USB Phone Charging with USB 1 Amp port

Manual or Auto Scan Up or Down Tuning

Auto Preset Function

HD Seek Function finds HD Stations

40 Presets (20 AM & 20 FM)

Display Dimmer with Contrast Adjustment

Aux Audio Input

Record Output

Stereo Headphone Jack

Size: 6.77” W x 2.22” H x 5.59” D

Checking it out: I really like some of these features and the great thing is that the HDR-15 is as easy to use as a standard clock radio. Still, I always recommend reading the owner’s manual for some of the finer details on initial setup. In addition to FM with RBDS, Auto Clock Set and HD reception, the Record Output lets me feed HD signals in stereo to my home FM Transmitter to be heard throughout the house. The USB charging jack replaces my nightstand phone charger and having 3 alarms gives great flexibility. In addition to HD, standard AM and FM reception are very good for a clock radio and better than most. Looking inside I found good quality of construction and a beefier AM ferrite rod antenna than one would expect in a clock radio. As with other recent Sangean radios the AC adapter produces almost no noise on AM so this radio will do a good job on AM as well as FM and HD signals. The 1.4 watt amplifier is more powerful than the typical clock radio as well, many of which put out only a fraction of a watt.

As I tuned around I found my usual AM and FM stations were coming in very well and the HD stations were received with no problems. The HD seek function helps to identify stations broadcasting in High Def and those so-called “hidden channels” were easy to tune in and enjoy.

Of course, the HDR-15 is not meant to replace serious hobbyist portable radios or high-quality table radios for which Sangean is so well-known. For example, it has no provisions for using external antennas, and while it may not sound as full and rich as Sangean’s table radios, as far as clock radios go this one offers a lot for the price, especially HD capability and the Record output which lets you access HD audio in stereo. And as I said at the top, as of this writing the Sangean HDR-15 is the only HD Clock Radio available. That alone merits your consideration.


Amazon price is $92.23 (List is $119.99)

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Jay Allen 

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