Eton Elite Mini/Eton Mini

Original Mini

Elite MIni

Eton Elite Mini

Eton has revamped their lineup of radios with the new Elite designation. Their popular multi-band radios will now be named Elite – the new models include the Elite Mini, Elite Traveler, Elite Executive (formerly the Satellit Executive Edition) and the Elite Field (formerly the Field BT).

In my review of the new Elite Executive  I discovered it is identical in every respect to the previous version, the Executive Satellit, except for the case color. It is reasonable to assume that the other Elite models will also be identical to the previous versions. So those older versions are great values at their currently discounted prices.

For all the details on the Elite Mini see the original Eton Mini review.

Operationally the new Elite Mini will be the same except it now comes in a deluxe leather case. And if you want to get this radio at a savings you can still grab the original version at Amazon at a sale price while supplies last. Here are links to both versions.

Elite Mini:

Previous Version Mini:




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