Retekess/TIVDIO V-111 AM/LW/SW/FM Stereo Radio with DSP


Retekess V-111

The Retekess V-111 (and the seemingly identical TIVDIO V-111) are DSP designs featuring AM/LW/SW/FM Stereo reception with most of the usual digital features such as 100 Memories, Clock. Alarm and a Sleep Timer. You even get a pair of stereo earbuds…all for only $11.99 (from Amazon US . I also found the same radio as “Used But Like New” under the TIVDIO brand for $9.49 from a third party seller also at Amazon, and the radio did appear as a new one…it still had the plastic protector sheet covering the display for example. A Later check on this version showed it as Currently Unavailable.

But what kind of multi-band performance and earbuds can you get for $11.99? Is this a possible new value leader or just a so-so cheapie? Read the Retekess/TIVDIO V-111 Review:

See it at Amazon:

Jay Allen


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