Sears Silvertone 800 – Models 6223-6224-6225

(And a look at a completely different Silvertone 800 as well).

I haven’t owned more than one or two Sears portables over the years and Sears is not a brand I have read much about in regards to transistor radios, so I was pretty much starting out with zero knowledge, trying to piece together as much information as I could from the internet.

I quickly discovered that Sears used the name “Silvertone 800” and Silvertone 900 for many different radios over the years. Silvertone 800/900 seems to have always applied to their top performing AM portable radios with tuned RF stages and 8 or more transistors. I also found that Silvertone 700 radios lacked the rf stage and had fewer than 8 transistors, and there was a smaller Silvertone 600 Series Sears Silvertone 800 – Models 6223 (Tan) – 6224 (Olive Green) – 6225 (Black)

as well. I acquired two distinct Silvertone 800’s but there were many others over the years.

This article will focus on a 10-transistor design made around 1966 and comprising three models: 6223/4/5 in different cabinet colors

How good were Sears best portable radios? Read the Silvertone 800 Review:

Jay Allen


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