Tecsun PL-330 AM/LW/SW/FM Portable Radio 

The new Tecsun PL-330 is a very small Ultralight-sized, DSP-based radio and is a worthy upgrade to the still available and less costly PL-310 Et and PL-380 radios, adding several features and somewhat better overall performance as well. It is now available for $59.9 at www.anon-co.com

Covering AM/LW/FM/SW it packs some unusual features for such a small, relatively inexpensive ($59.95) package. For example, it offers Synchronous Detection, making the PL-330 the least expensive radio I am aware of to sport this feature. It also demodulates SSB (Single Sideband) signals, and allows the use of external antennas on ALL bands…one of the very few current production portable radios to offer that terrific capability.

The list of extra features is long and in this article we’ll check them all out and compare the PL-330’s performance to some other popular competing models.

Read the Tecsun PL-330 Review:

Jay Allen


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