TECSUN AN-48x AM/LW/SW Active Loop Antenna

An inexpensive new antenna from Tecsun ($27.99 plus shipping from https://www.anon-co.com/product/tecsun-an48x-antenna has just hit the market and after using the antenna over a period of many days and with several different radios I’ve figured out its strengths and weaknesses. It offers unusual connection flexibility and I found several cases where reception was indeed improved, but at other times the results were less spectacular. Knowing the behavior and quirks of this antenna are key to getting the most out of it and I think that as much as some users will dislike its fussy tuning behavior others will find it an inexpensive way to learn the advantages of a remotely placed loop antenna. Is it for you?

Read the Tecsun AN-48x Loop Antenna Review

Jay Allen 




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