C. Crane CC- Radio 3

CC Radio 3 – AM/FM/Weather/2 Meter Ham Band Radio With Bluetooth

CC Radio 2E (Same Radio Without Bluetooth)

Crane has released the new upgrade to the still available CC-2E – it is the CC-3. I was lucky enough to receive an early production sample of this radio but it is now in regular production and it has become my new daily player. It is truly excellent – in fact, it is identical in performance to the still available CC-2E which means it ranks as ***** in both my AM and FM Mega Shootout articles,



except it has added Bluetooth capability. I have learned from the company that it is indeed the same radio as the CC-2E with Bluetooth added so now you have a choice. The CC-2E will continue to be available for $169.99 while the CC-3 will set you back $199.

Read the CC-3/CC-2E Review:

Jay Allen


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