Cuthbert AM Stereo C-Quam Transmitter

Top: Cuthbert AM Stereo C-Quam Transmitter Bottom: 6 Channel/3 Band Compressor

Cuthbert – An Affordable New Home AM Transmitter

As a lifelong professional and home hobby broadcaster I was excited to learn of a new kid on the block, the Cuthbert AM Transmitter. You can find this and other electronics goodies Sean sells on eBay if you search “AM Stereo Transmitter” – his seller name is sean-jcil. Sean graciously sent me his AM Stereo C-Quam model for evaluation and I found it to be a very cool addition to my home setup. But how well does it stack up to my long-reigning reference AM Transmitter?

Read The Cuthbert AM Stereo C-Quam Transmitter Review:

(A full review of the audio compressor is coming soon).

Jay Allen


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