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Sangean ATS-909X2 AM/LW/FM/Air Radio

The wait is finally over. The ATS-909X2 which has been available in some areas in pre-production versions is finally officially available here in the US. I just received my ‘909X2 from Sangean US and have been having a lot of fun checking it out. I was initially told it would only be available here in White but mine is what Sangean calls Graphite and it is a stunner. Although externally it looks almost identical to the previous ATS-909X there are several upgrades and enhancements which make it more desirable. In addition to all the features of the previous model the ATS-909X2 adds Air band, a new Info readout, more filter choices along with defeatable Auto Bandwidth Control, 1674 memory presets, advanced battery charging which monitors each cell independently, switchable FM Soft Mute and a lot more

The features are great and the radio is a joy to use but what everyone is waiting to know is how the raw performance of the new flagship ATS-909X2 compares with the older ‘909X as well as with other popular multiband portables.

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