AM & FM Mega Shootout 2020 Updates

It’s a Holiday Weekend here in the US but for all of my readers everywhere I am excited to announce the 2020 Updates to two of the most read articles on the website – the AM and FM Mega Radio Shootouts. Every radio I have tested in the past year has now been added to these lists which, as far as I know, are the most complete and most accurate of any such ratings available anywhere. My tests are all done in real-world conditions, with radios side-by-side in a variety of locations and with a variety of signals to evaluate. My lifelong work in broadcasting and electronics has given me a unique insight into how radios work and what the typical user experience is likely to be and I think my reviews relate closely to what you are likely to experience with these radios. I focus not only on features and specifications but also on how well they actually pull in hard-to-get stations, how they sound and whether they possess that “fun factor” which make some radios more enjoyable to use then others.

I also appreciate your feedback, both in terms of your experiences and your questions as well as your recommendations about radios you think I should check out. I can’t buy all of them but I have gotten many good tips over the years and welcome any information you may care to pass along.

As always I ask that you help to support this free site at no cost to you by using the Amazon Links found in many of the reviews – from there anything you purchase helps support the purchase of new radios, antennas and accessories for review.

So here they are:

AM Mega Radio Shootout 2020 Update:

FM Mega Radio Shootout 2020 Update:

Thank You!

Jay Allen



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