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I’ve written many reviews for Radiointel and a few for Monitoring Times, but now all my previous and new reviews and vintage radio articles will be right here. I hope you’ll stop by often to see what’ s new and please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. If you subscribe at the bottom of this page you will be notified whenever new articles appear.

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Acrylic Radio StandAcrylic Radio Stand – I just found this inexpensive Acrylic Radio stand at Amazon…it’s perfect for mid-sized radios like the Sony 7600 series, Tecsun PL-880, PL-660 and the new Eton Satellit. Seems like a good price too so I thought I’d pass it along.

Here’s link to it


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20151208_150044_001Tecsun PL-365/County Comm GP-5/SSB

The PL-365/GP-5/SSB are upgrades to the well-received PL-360/GP5/DSP. As a tactical design these radios are meant to provide easy one-handed use and SSB reception in a small size and for a minimum cost. CountyComm says the design with the inclusion of SSB is targeted for government use but civilians who are into Amateur communications (Hams) may find this a convenient tool for hearing SSB with ultra-portability and at a low price. Read the PL-365/GP-5/SSB Review


 4198yqaFH1LSangean PR-D4W AM/FM/Weather Band Radio

Having previously tested several Sangean radios such as the PR-D5 and PR-D15 which offered great AM reception at bargain-basement prices but which were hampered by less-than-wideband audio I hoped the PR-D4W might be a real step forward, and in many ways it is. But always cautious when I read claims of how a new radio matches or beats radios that time has shown to be near the limits of what is achievable on AM or FM I was eager to put it up against my hottest portable radios…such as the C. Crane CC-2E. So at today’s state of the art what can you get for under $70?

Read The Sangean PR-D4W Review:



Panasonic RF-2400 AM/FM Portable Radio

Definitely a no-frills set the Panasonic RF-2400 is a basic AM/FM portable radio with a pleasing retro look and a large slide rule tuning dial. At a street price generally below $31 it offers good utility where maximum performance is not needed nor expected. It also features built-in AC power which is a plus at this price point (generally under $31). But just how good can a $30 radio be?      Find Out Here:




Left – Sony ICF-S10MKII Right – Sony ICF-P26


I’d read a few comments on line about a new Sony pocket-size portable AM/FM radio…the ICF-P26 and because it is so inexpensive (around $22 as of this writing) I thought it might be interesting to compare it to the same-sized and long available Sony ICF-S10 MKII. I found my ICF-S10 MKII at a drug store for about $11 several years ago and just found it on line for about $15 – $20 depending on seller…it is still available. The two radios share a similar layout so I thought a comparison between the two would be interesting. Is the new model better than the old standby?

Read the ICF-P26 review:



IMG_3409 (Large)

New Eton Satellit – Updated Review: The new, updated Eton Satellit is here. When I first reviewed this radio I loved its sound quality and overall reception on all bands, its AM being the best of all currently produced mid-sized world band portables and all other bands being equal to the best. Now Eton has updated the Satellit and I’ve just finished evaluating the new version.

 read the full Eton Satellit Review here.





Sangean PR-D19 AM/FM Stereo Radio

The new PR-D19 is available in Blue/White or Gray/Black and is the logical upgrade to the well-received PR-D18. The new PR-D19 adds stereo FM and with its dual speakers is a slightly larger radio, but is the addition of stereo FM the only change? Or are there are there other areas of performance which have changed? The full review is now posted…read it here.

Best price is at Amazon – Click Here


                            Img_3954 (Large)Tecsun PL-680 AM/FM/SA/Air Radio

The Tecsun PL-680 is a seemingly unusual addition to Tecsun’s line. I describe it as unusual because it shares its case design with the much older PL-600 but has identical control layout and functionality of the more recent PL-660, both of which are still available, along with the upscale PL-880. The new ‘680 is curious in that it is overall quite similar to the PL-660 but it is clearly better in one way and less good in another. I’ve put it through some rigorous tests, comparing it with the PL-660 and several other current world band portables and the results have been interesting.

Read The PL-680 Review:



71Ji7yq+PsL__SL1184_ (Large)Sangean ATS-405 AM/FM/SW Radio –

Sangean has upgraded its ATS-404 with the new ATS-405 portable radio and I was excited to find that  this new model offers several important new features. Externally the two models look quite similar but internally and operationally this is a completely revamped radio with improved performance and features. Although the ATS-405 is not a top of the line radio, it nevertheless is a bold step for Sangean in that there are now dedicated keys that let you turn off Soft Muting and Tuning Muting – this is exactly what we have been waiting for.

But how does it perform?


Read The Sangean ATS-405 Review:Read The Sangean ATS-405 Review:

Jay Allen


Picture 001 (Large)Sony TFM-8000W Super Sensitive AM/FM/SW/PSB Radio – The TFM-8000W is one of Sony’s iconic Super Sensitive series of radios…a name plate Sony proudly promoted for several years.  It was marketed simultaneously with the top of the line multiband CRF-5100, and the AM/FM only TFM-7250…all described as Super Sensitive.  While it overall takes a back seat to its upscale brother CRF-5100, and may therefore be considered somewhat of a sleeper (you just don’t hear much about them),  it is one of very few portable radios ever to offer true flywheel tuning which gives the radio a wonderful feel for band scanning.  The straight-forward dial scales are visually appealing and a signal meter is also a nice addition…this is a fun radio to use and I very much  like its looks and feel. How does it perform? Read the Sony TFM-8000W Review:


PR-D18 BK (Black)The Sangean PR-D18 radio is a straight-forward AM/FM portable radio. It lists for $69.95 but is easily available for considerably less…around $47 as of this writing.  It dispenses with additional bands or MP3 capabilities in favor of the best performance possible for the price along with operating simplicity and ruggedness and has succeeded on all counts. This radio surprised me with its heft and solid feel. It’s a really cute little radio, available in several two-tone color combinations; a gray face with black surround or a white face surrounded by gray, blue or red. Sangean calls these rubber trim pieces protective bumpers which are designed to resist damage due to minor bumps and scrapes. Sangean’s website claims the PR-D18 has “excellent sensitivity and selectivity and will surprise you with its ability to pull in those distant stations.” How could I resist checking one out?


Read The Sangean PR-D18 Review:

AM Portables Mega Shoutout – Over 60 Models Compared


What’s the best radio for AM reception? Do expensive multiband radios provide better AM reception than a purely AM or AM/FM radio? Wondering how the most popular radios compare? Here’s the biggest AM Portable radio comparison project I’ve ever done and one of the most expansive you’ll find anywhere with over 60 top radios put through rigorous tests to see exactly how they compared in a variety of circumstances, plus I describe my testing methodology to help you understand the results and do your own comparisons more accurately. This is the first update of an article I posted over three years ago – since then many new radios have become available, some with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology. Do these new radios outperform the great vintage radios?

What’s the best AM Radio? Here are the facts you need.  AM Portables Mega Shootout:

Eton Field 550   The results are in…all the information has been tabulated…how does the new Field perform? In a word, very well. And with some not too difficult modifications it can be superb! But even in its stock form it’s a good value in today’s market.

Read the Eton Field 550 Review:




Img_3554 (Large)Two Pocket AM/FM/SW Portables: The Eton Mini and Radio Shack 2000629 are each priced below $40. These new pocket portables offer multi-band coverage in a tiny size, but how do they compare? I was surprised at the results because each has certain clear advantages over the other. Which one is best for you depends primarily on how you will be using it. For the details ready my full review.


                                           C.Crane’s CC Skywave Radio – Great New Travel Companion With Unusual Band Coverage

CC-Skywave (Large)C.Crane’s newest model is aimed at the traveler who wants as many sources of information as possible. The Skywave is unusual in a small portable radio in that it tunes not only Standard AM/FM broadcasts but also includes Shortwave, Weather Band and Air Band. It’s a fun radio and easy to master, plus it includes a carry pouch and a pair of CC Buds earphones for personal listening. After  short while using this radio I have come to appreciate that it offers quite a lot in a small package.

Read the CC Skywave Radio review:






            Eton Traveler III (Compared with G8/Traveler II/Tecsun PL-310WT and PL-310)

The new Traveler III replaces Grundig’s popular G8/Traveler II (aka Tecsun PL300WT). The original model was an instant hit and has become an Ultralight favorite…the new Traveler III is a much better AM radio than the earlier model but FM and to some extent SW seem to be just a slight step backwards..at least in my early production sample. But as an AM lover I am impressed by this new radio and think you will be too…read the full review here.




Three Tecsun Portables For $21 Or Less

Img_2865 (Large)

At less than the cost of half a tank of gas, what can you expect from radios in this price range? While they won’t match the performance of larger, costlier sets, one was the clear winner on AM, one was almost useless on FM, and an old standby, available for more than 10 years provided a surprising reality check.







The new Tecsun PL-880 is a worthy follow-up to their popular and capable  PL-660 (which is still available). Most notable in the PL-880 is a new technology speaker which gives the radio a far more natural and pleasing sound quality than that usually found in radios of this size…it sounds just amazing when compared side by side with the older model.

There have been some real upgrades to performance in almost all areas but the new model also features at least one step backward…we’ll check that out as well.

This new model has many extra features which are accessed via hidden menus…this allows far more control over the operation of the radio than usual but adds some complexity for the less sophisticated user. I will list the important ones so you can just set them and forget them. For most users this will be totally satisfactory but if you want to delve more deeply into every aspect of the radio’s performance you have that option as well.

Read The Tecsun PL-880 review:

C.Crane Announces The Improved CC Radio-2E Enhanced AM/FM/Weather/2 Meter Ham Band Radio

Titanuim & Black Mica CROP

For the past month I’ve been using C.Crane’s latest update to their flagship AM/FM portable radio – the CC Radio 2. This revised version is called the CC Radio 2E Enhanced and I’ll tell you right now, it is an immense step forward – most noticeably in its AM sound quality, but in several other respects as well. C.Crane has redesigned the radio’s circuits around an entirely new chip, so although the new version looks outwardly identical to the older CC-2 the radio has been thoroughly revamped and the results are impressive.

Read The Full CC Radio-2E Enhanced Review


C.Crane CC Pocket AM/FM/NOAA Weather Alert Radio


At $59.95 the CC Pocket is slightly less expensive than the well-known Sangean DT-400W…how do they compare? Here’s a complete review.

Also note C.Crane is currently throwing in a FREE pair of Voz Premium Wooden Earbuds which sell separately for $19.95.








ICF-EX5MK2 (Large)

The Sony ICF-EX5MK2 is an unusual portable radio in several ways. There is considerable mystique surrounding it as it is intended for the Japanese market, which helps explain why so few of us here in the U.S. have ever seen one, even though we’ve been reading bits and pieces about it for years. It is reputed to have Super Sensitivity so I had to try one out…what I found surprised me.  It does have a few shortcomings, but it also has one unique superiority…I think you will find the comparisons between it and the Panasonic RF-2200, and several other top AM portables to be an interesting.

Click To Read The Sony ICF-EX5MKII Review


Available since 2008 I have been remiss by not reviewing this  AM/FM all-analog portable earlier. No sooner had I posted my review of the Sony ICF-38 than readers began asking me how it compares with the R-308 so I will cover that in this review as well.



KIWA AM Loop versus Quantum Loop

It has been several years since I initially reviewed the Quantum Loop V2.0. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to use several other antennas and additionally I’ve been loaned a KIWA MW Loop which is highly regarded but unfortunately no longer being manufactured. So how do these loops compare? Is a used KIWA worth more than double the price of a new Quantum Loop? I’ve wondered about that for a long time…now I know. Read all about it here:

Jay Allen



Sangean ATS-909X Review Updated

New production differs a bit from the original production and I’ve discovered an unusual characteristic which may explain why different people have such different opinions about the sensitivity of this radio.. Read the updated Sangean ATS-909X Review.

CC Radio-SW/Redsun RP-2100

UPDATED Review – CC Radio-SW/Redsun RP-2100: It has been several years since I wrote the original Redsun review and I have since received an updated Redsun model with English labelling and the C.Crane CC Radio-SW version. These are a fantastic value among the portable world band radios currently available…if you’re looking for excellent audio and great reception in a lunchbox-sized radio this is one you should look at.

Read the CC Radio-SW/Redsun RP-2100 Review

Grundig Satellit 750/Tecsun S-2000

I had tried an early sample of the newest radio to carry the Satellit name when it was first released some 2 years ago. Although I loved its looks and ergonomics I was not impressed with several aspects of its performance. However many posters to various newsgroups indicated that these early problems had been resolved so I decided to take a look at a fresh sample from recent production. Has Eton/Grundig “fixed” the SAT 750? Is it now worthy of that prestigious nameplate? Read the full review:


Sangean DT400W: AM/FM/Weather Band Radio

The Sangean DT400 is the successor to the well-known DT200VX. I am happy to report that the new model is even better than the original. Providing top quality FM/AM/Weather Band reception, wonderful sound through earbuds, a built-in utility speaker and many great features this radio is a joy to use. And it’s just so darned cute! Read the full review:



Zenith Royal 500 Series: The “Owl-Eye” Radios

In the late 1950’s and early 60’s transistor radios were the new rage. We kept them with us as often as we could…they went everywhere with us. In November of 1955 Zenith entered the game with their Royal 500, the first of a long line of radios that not only set the standard of performance, but would also become one of the most popular and most copied of all portable radios. We’ll check out the entire 500 series from the first, 7 transistor, hand-wired model through the pinnacle of the series, the Royal 500H. Then we’ll go inside a few of them and discuss what kind of work they generally need to be restored to original working condition, then we’ll compare them to some current day radios to see just how good they really are.

New In Box Zenith R-7000-2 Trans-oceanic

R-7000-2’s new in-the-box often go for over $2000 on eBay…recently a few have topped $5000. Imagine my surprise when my son and daughter-in-law presented me with one in the box from a relative’s Zenith Radio/TV shop! I never expected to own one of these. We’ll open the box and check out this brand new, wonderful present and we’ll also see how this somewhat controversial ZTO compares with the previous model, the Royal 7000. There were a few surprises!




The Zenith Royal 700 Series – The “Lunchbox Radios”

These were Zenith’s top-of-the line AM portables in the 50’s and 60’s. I’ll take you through the entire model line and we’ll restore a few of them to peak performance, then compare them with some other great AM radios to see how they compare –  a fun look back at Zenith’s in its heyday!

Who Wouldn’t Be Thrilled To Own Any One These Beauties?

C.Crane’s Wonderful CC Radio-EP is a winner with “Top Tier” AM performance in a simple, analog radio…and it’s only $69.99!

Click here to read the CC Radio-EP review



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