Panasonic RF-2200

As a long-time radio enthusiast, I had for many years read about the legendary Panasonic RF-2200. Several sources refer to it reverently as “The Holy Grail” of AM analog portables, while others, more conservatively, simply say it’s “the best AM portable radio ever made…a DX-er’s dream”. Strong claims to be sure. It also has an excellent FM tuner.

Few radios remain at the top of a short list of favorites and since the RF-2200 is arguably as well-respected as any portable for AM performance I wanted to bring the review into a modern context. This is an update of my original review written 14 years ago. Many new radios have emerged, many with decidedly mediocre performance, but a few with superb performance and it seemed like a good time to report on how the RF-2200 fares against modern competition.

Read The RF-2200 Review & Restoration Article

Jay Allen


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