Addwards A38-LMS SW/AM/LW Loop Antenna

_57The Addwards is an active (amplified) Loop Antenna covering SW/AM/LW bands selling currently for $17.99 – $22 plus shipping depending on source. Even the most frugal radio hobbyist would have to admit that is downright cheap…if the thing works at all it would be quite a value…at the very least, a cool toy. It would appear to be an upgrade/replacement for the Degen/Kaito DE31/33 series of antennas with the addition of LW, a variable gain control and a plastic stand to hold your radio at a convenient angle and to position the antenna’s ferrite “sender” behind it. Cool toy or no I had to find out if this is indeed a worthwhile tool that can actually enhance your reception – read all the details right here in the Addwards A38-LMS SW/AM/LW Loop Antenna Review.

Jay Allen


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