Grundig Satellit 750/Tecsun S-2000 Review Posted

I had tried an early sample of the newest radio to carry the Grundig Satellit name when it was first released. Although I loved its looks and ergonomics I was not impressed with several aspects of its performance. However many posters to various newsgroups indicated that these early problems had been resolved so I decided to take a look at a fresh sample from recent production. A quick look at four pages of reviews revealed that most owners rate it 4 or 5 out of 5 stars while a very small handful rate it a 1 or a 2. Has Tecsun (which manufactures the OEM version as the Tecsun S-2000 as well as the slightly modified Sat 750 version for Eton/Grundig) “fixed” the SAT 750? Is it now worthy of that prestigious nameplate? I bought a brand new unit to refresh my memory and to see if this newest production unit differed at all from that early sample.

Jay Allen

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